Saturday, March 06, 2010

Speaking at YALE

My trip to speak at YALE was so great. The minute I got there the girls from SWAY (SEX WEEK AT YALE) had a car waiting for me at the airport to take to 2 hour drive to CT. Once there the girls met me at the school to show me my private room on campus at the Masters College. Already I was feeling like a king.

It was freezing and thank god I had just bought a new down jkt. Amazing the gym was right next to my room and was fully equiped to give me a killer workout. I was a bit nervous as I was speaking at the Master’s house in front of students and professors.

Master's Suite at YALE

So after finally having a couple days to rest and feel grounded. It was time to do my talk. Before the talk Master G had me over for a lunch with him and some of the students.I had been getting some threats on my visit to YALE so just to be on the safe side the school had police outside of every event. I just could not believe how I effect people so much they go as far as to threaten me!

After that it was time for the talk and as I walked from the dining room into the living room where it was jammed packed with not one bit of walking room. WOW I was so overwhelmed.

Master Tea Poster

I sat down in front of the students and Master G and I were seated in front in chairs facing everyone. It was basically a very informal story telling time. All eyes on me no time to get shy!!

My talk started with a thank you to Master G and the fellow students for having me at Yale to speak as I was very honored to be there. I had not graduated high school so in all my wildest dreams I would have never thought I would be speaking at Yale.

Speaking at Master's Tea

After the thanks I started with talking about my childhood and how it was not a bad one and that it is important for people to know that I did not come from a bad childhood and thus that is not why I do what I do or who I am. Then I basically went through my whole life story, My drug addiction, suicide attempts, self hatred into becoming the man I am. I think I really made such an impact on people at the talk. They were so attentive and just so interested in my story it was so powerful for me!

Then I showed and episode of BUCKING THE SYSTEM and after opened it up to Q&A. Got all amazing questions from everyone. Then after had people lined up to take pics with me and say thank you.

Later that night I was on a Sex Panel with all the hottest women in porn! Joanna Angel, Tristan Taramino, Madison Young and Sasha Grey. It was moderated by my good friend and editor of Fleshbot Lux Alptrum. The panel discussion was centered around our work and how we are breaking down the norms of waht people think are porn and sexuality and gender. Great panel.

Sex and Gender Panel at YALE

What an amazing life I have:)

Check out some of the other posts made about my trip to YALE. Not everyone thought it was a good idea! But that was why it was so powerful for me to speak there. I have broken down some of the walls and hatred that people have around people like me.



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