Friday, June 19, 2009

Mangina Man

I get lots of really cool emails everyday but some stand out more than others. This is a guy who has contacted me regarding my impact on him and wanting to be a porn star like me. The interesting thing is he was born bio male and is now going to Thailand to have his cock removed and a pussy put on so he can be the man he always wanted to be, a man like me.

So I have decided to cast him in a new film. He will be the first bio man with a pussy in porn. I am very excited as I know there are many men who feel like him and I have helped to open that door for them. I think there is a place for this type of man in pron and who better to bring the first man like this to porn but Buck Angel Entertainment.

Below is the email I received from him:

Hello Buck,

I wanted to tell you that you have a great site. Your look is unique and you look to have a successful career in doing this type of work.

I wanted to contact you and just talk briefly for a few moments...

Ever since I was young, I have always been an admirer of the transgendered lifestyle. Recently, (this month) I finally am going to take the plunge. I scheduled to have surgery in Thailand with Dr. Pichet for SRS. I am going to have everything removed below and have have Dr. Pichet create a vagina. The thing is I am going to live as a man...with a pussy. I have everything scheduled for March 20th, 2009. I am looking forward to being "free" down below, but living as a normally do now.

I have been looking at what it would take to generate an income with the type of website and performances you do. I find the lifestyle great and fun to be around.

For the most part I just wanted to tell you that you have been an inspiration.

For the record, I am a college-educated guy with a 4 year university degree in Business Admin. I do okay for salary ($70,000) and currently started a web development company. So, my point is that I have a good head on my shoulder and understand the direction I am going. At 35, this is the change I have needed.

I am attaching a pic so you can see...maybe we will meet some day in this business.

Take care and thank you for listening

Kindest regards

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