Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Ok I know that not everyone in the world loves what I do. I would be an idiot to think otherwise. But when and article is written about the trans community and how there is this absence of trans men in porn and the article features only a photo of me( which they never asked to use) and also blurbs from everyone but me I find this a bit strange.

So I made a comment on the site about why I felt there was an absence of trans men in porn.
Well then I get these comments about me that are quite funny and a bit on the fucked up side. You know it is always on these boards that these people write shit about me, they never have the balls to either email me or confront me in person and that really pisses me off. But I guess when your a pioneer you are always going to have people jealous of your achievements. And this is what it looks like to me. Here are the comments..
Also, Buck's classist "bootstraps!!!" attitude toward the trans male community has reached epically comical proportions. Dude is a self-parody.
Hear hear! I admit, being a Trans man myself, I was interested in Buck Angel when I first heard of him, but what I've seen from him --both in jpeg and in attitude-- is something I'd rather not associate with. You're right, his "bootstraps!!!" attitude is totally classist (easy to say that when you're already sitting on a modest fortune), and in all honesty, I'm just not into his whole Bear-aesthetic, either. He's a parody of what a hint of extra testosterone "will do to ya'". I can't take him seriously, not even as an adult entertainer.

Now what makes people think I am sitting on a modest fortune? And if I am then it is all from my own hard work, Why is this a bad thing? You see why I get such a bad taste in my mouth from the "ftm Community" Jesus people I do more for your community than you can even imagine and not because I want anything but because I feel like doing community service is part of being a good pioneer. Fuck maybe I will just start donating my time and money to some other org.

Please take a minute to read the article and comment if you like.

Buck Angel

Buck Angel Attitude!
Buck Angel Attitude!

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