Friday, May 29, 2009

Jason Ellis Show

When I was in LA I got contacted by SIRIUS radio to go do a show with Jason Ellis. He really wanted me on his show but I honestly had no idea who he was but as you know I am kind of a media whore and as far as I can see all my crazy self promotion has payed off. I have to do this in order for people to see who I am who might have no idea about me.

So when I got to the studio in West Hollywood which was a far drive from where I was in Long Beach at the Outer Limits Tattoo Studio where Elayne Angel was guest piercing and selling here new book the Piercing Bible. I was ready to go! Funny I remember Jason just looking all crazy at me at first not really knowing how to deal with me..I love that. He was cool but you could see he was so confused. I think he thought I was going to have some kind of"girl" in me.

I sat down and we rapped a bit before the show started then the show starts and he introduces me and we talk about my change and he is just looking me over trying to figure out some part of my body or face or something that female but he can't. Of course he does comment on my voice and says it sounds gay, Whiche everyone does. But other than that he is very impressed by my body. And believe me that is a huge compliment..Because he is a man's man believe me!!

He ends up taking calls from some listners and everyone asks the usual questions but then some shmoe calls in telling him off for having me on the show and that I am a fag and so on and anyway Jason is so cool he just tells the guy to get a grip and disconnects him. Then the producer on the break tell sme tons of guys emailed in to defend me. WOW I am telling you that tyhis is so cool and I really think that by putting myself out there these guys get to see that I am just a normal guy like them. Awesome.

Here is a great photo of us and under is what he added on his blog! So cool!!
"Ellismate poses with gender-bending porn phenomenon, Buck Angel."]Ellismate poses with gender-bending porn phenomenon, Buck Angel.

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