Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sick as a Dog

All I can say is it feel's so good to be back in the hot Yucatan!! My trip to Toronto was partly great and partly a fucking disaster. I woke up on the morning I was to fly out feeling like crap. I had the chills but just thought I had a flu and I would ride it out for a couple days and get better since I am so healthy. So I arrive in Toronto and the first thing that happens of course is customs. For some reason they do not like me, I always get pulled over and interrogated. And thats just what happened! So after the bitch goes through all of my papers and calls Sergio my manager to see if I am really staying with him..He was so pissed too, She lets me go and then I have to pass another bitch who asked me all the same questions( mind you I feel like crap so I am really not in the mood) So she gets pissy with me and sends me to have my bags checked. Thank god it was a gay man!! He basically saw my big dildo and said "ok see you on church street this weekend!"

So my friend Todd picks me up at the airport( waiting one hour as I was in customs being fucked with) Buys me a coffee gives me some pill for my really bad headache and drives me back to his place. I get a shower eat something and need to sleep because I feel like crap and have to go do The Edge Radio show in the morning and the Proud FM in the afternoon.

Fab magazine did a funny little piece on me and Madonna. I also did a really cool interview for fab at the Bathhouse. The photos are going to be awesome.

I wake feeling like a truck hit me but I cannot cancel anything I am scheduled for. So I take some cold meds and off I go. The interview was a blast the guys at the station were awesome. I posted part of the interview on my youtube for you to see. The rest will be on my reality show on buckangel.com

This is a pic of me and the guys at the edge

After the show I went back to Sergios to rest a bit and then we were off to Proud FM and Shaun Proulx

That interview was great as always. Shaun is so good to me and one of the first guys that really took me serious. I will always love him for that!!

Then back home for the night to rest because the next day I have a photo shoot with Kenny Lee He was so on that day!! We had such a great shoot even though I showed up feeling like shit and really just wanting to be in bed. I am so happy I did it because the photos are amazing. I am putting the galleries on buckangel.com but here is a taste for you.

So after the shoot I went home and dropped again..oh yes I forgot to tell you. Everyday I am feeling worse,Every night I am sweating and going through my sheets and clothes 3 times. My head feels like it is going to explode. I wake up on sunday morning and I have to do the Come As You Are workshop. I just can't believe I have to do this but I do. There is no way I can cancel.I showed up to a sold out workshop and felt very out of it but thanks to the cold meds I was able to perform. I told the crowd that I was feeling bad just so they knew if I was not doing a great job why that was. Anyway the workshop was great and everyone liked it so I am happy.

Monday came and I was suppose to shoot a scene but there was no way as I was really feeling bad. I had to go do an interview with Much Music which is the same thing as MTV but for Canada. That went well and back home I went to get into bed. The sweats and chills were really getting to me now.

I awoke tuesday at 4 am and could not sleep. I was sweating and started having problems breathing. Sergio decided to take me to the hospital. We went to the Woman Hospital Emergency and they asked why I did not come sooner. They proceeded to do some tests and asked me my background. I told them I was a transsexual man and also that I worked in the adult industry. Right then I could see it..They asked if I was HIV Positive. I said no I get tested often for work but I could see how they were already judging me. They took blood and x-rayed my chest and said I had a bad flu to go home and rest.

The next day I got a call from the hospital that I had something in my lungs and am I sure I am not HIV positive because they thought I had HIV related pneumonia. I kept telling them no but can't they look at my HIV test that they took. So they said I should come back to the hospital for a CT of my chest. The next day wed. is when I was having the hardest time to breath so I went back and the doctor admitted me to the hospital. I could barely walk.

Sergio and Todd were by my side every second. They are such great guys and really took amazing care of me. I don't know what I would have done if I was alone.

They did the CT and took about 60 bottles of blood. I was so over it. I kept sweating and my head felt like it was run over by a truck. So 3 days later they still had no idea what I had but since they were giving me antibiotics I was feeling much better. They said they thought I had pneumonia. So after 4 days in the hospital and my wife flying up to see me as she was so freaked out , They let me out.

I went back to Sergios and took a bath. While my wife was bathing me she found a tick embedded in my chest!!! It was alive. I could not even believe what I was seeing. That was the problem all along. I was sick from the tick! I must have gotten it from home in the Yucatan as we have tons of trees and lots of dogs!

Obviously I had to cancel my trip to Amsterdam and NYC. They were all very concerned and very cool about me canceling. I have never had to cancel shows before so I was not happy but everyone was so nice and more concerned about me getting better.

So I flew back wed and have been recovering since. Feeling a bit weak but way better. I am hungry all the time. I lost like 10 pounds..UGG!! that makes me mad. I am now seeing a doctor here in mexico to follow up so hopefully I am on my way to the gym soon.

Thanks so you all for sending me such nice emails and wishes. It made me feel so good!

Buck Angel®

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