Sunday, January 13, 2008

My Friend Allanah Starr

Well last night was the AVN Awards Show and one of my best friends in the industry Allanah Starr won 2008 Transsexual Performer of the Year!!

She was so surprised and started to cry it was so awesome. I totally know how she feels. She is such a hardworker in this industry and so deserved this award. I was sitting in the seats at the top where they put all the trannies for the show. Here is a great photo of us before the show!

The show is finally over it was a long 4 days of work but well worth the time. I made many great new contacts in the show and tons of interviews. I also had a film crew following me that is doing a tv show with a segment of my life as a porn star. I feel a bit exhausted and like I am getting sick but I now have to head over to Internext show to do more business today. See it isn't all fun and games being a pioneer porn star!

I will write more later on all the great stuff from the show. I just wanted to post about Allanahs win last night because I am so happy for her!


Buck Angel

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