Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Man and his Kitty

Ok guess what! I adopted another animal. I am such a sucker I know but she is such a cute little kitten. Her mom and sister got killed on the street by some crazy lady down the street. So my maid Lulu brought her over to see if we wanted her and that was that. Now I have 7 dogs and 2 cats and the family keeps growing. I thought it would be funny to post this picture!

Buck and His Kitty

I have also been working pretty hard on my websites. is coming along really well. I have been having other FTM guys sending in photos to post and I have an all new video clips section. I am hoping to really turn this into a site that the world will be able to see all the hot FTM guys in the nude!

My membership site is getting a new design right now and it is looking awesome. I am pretty happy with it. That should be up by the end of the month.

I have also been working out pretty hard for the upcoming Adult show in Las Vegas. I am pretty tired today after a tough leg workout so I took the day off of the gym. But have been working away on the web and the day goes by so fast I cannot believe it.

I also just discovered this awesome website that you all should be checking out. I met Shine at the adult show a couple years ago and she is awesome.

I totally love her stuff so check it out. Here is the

Well enough now I have to finish updating new videos on my site. You can buy tons of my nasty clips there so check it out.



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