Sunday, January 20, 2008

Crazy on the Go!

I am still not home yet from my trip to the AVN show in vegas last week. I decided to hit New Orleans while I was still in the states to check on some business we still have here. You would not believe how cold it is. It feels like it is about to snow. The first two days here I got really sick with some kind of crazy cough and just stayed in bed and slept the whole time. I finally had to go to the doctors to see what was going on and he gave me antibiotics and said I had and bad chest infection. Man this traveling stuff just kills me sometimes. Plus being at the show and and touching and kissing the whole time. I am feeling much better but not great. I leave tomorrow for Mexico and then 10 days later I am off to Amsterdam, NYC and SF. I am looking forward to the hot weather back home.

While I was in Vegas I did tons of interviews for TV and radio stuff. Howard Stern got me on the floor and of course they always want to arm wrestle me. I won! That is on video tape and I will be posting it on my reality site when I return home. Pretty funny stuff.

My kid Rebekka Armstrong is working with Tera Patrick now and is her trainer and assistant so I hung out with those two doing dinner and shows. Tera is really awesome and a totally huge support to my work. Here are some cool pics of me and Rebekka and Tera!

Then I headed over to the "Gay" section of the show. That is pretty sad. Just a couple booths with some gay guys. My best buddies from Titan were there. I got to see Diesel who is super sexy and hot. I love him he is a gentle giant that is for sure.

That night I did and interview with a dallas based radio show called "The Wild Ass Circus" They were so much fun! They just sent me a link to the show they posted on youtube

As soon as I return home I will be posting tons of new photos and video.

Be sure to check my new travel schedule on my website

Also my great site for all FTM Porn films and photos

Lots of great stuff happening this year already. Thanks to you all for supporting what I am doing!



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