Monday, April 16, 2007

Enjoying being HOME

Buck Angel

I love being back home in Mexico. WOW what a trip I have had of over 3 weeks of travel and work. After 10 days in New York I came home for only 2 days and had to get on a plane to New Orleans. I spent 2 days there then off to Los Angeles Saturday night. I arrived in Los Angeles at 9:30pm to meet with the Japanese film crew to shoot a movie for Japan. We had a meeting until 1am then I had to wake up at 7am to shoot all day from 9am till 8pm. But let me tell you this film is going to be so HOT in Japan. They are gonna make me a huge star there.

I have been wanting to get my work into Japan for a while now and it is not easy to get there but I met up with this company and I am finally doing it. I hope to get to Japan in June. So we shot a docu-porn. Really cool idea. We had to figure a way to show the Japanese that I am a man with a pussy because they use mosaic on the pussy and cock. So this is the best idea. I will write more later about the whole shoot.

So then I flew back to New Orleans the next day at 11am. I got in at 4pm. Spent 3 more days there doing some business. I also got a new puppy Chihuahua. He is so cute I named him Mack! I flew home with him and have been resting ever since.

Now I have a week before I leave for Madrid and the UK. I will be working out hard the next week. The downside of traveling so much is my workouts get all fucked up! I hate that.


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