Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Distribution!

Buckback Mountain

WOW, that was a huge pain in the ass (and NOT in a good way). Finding the right distributor for my movies has always been one of the biggest hurdles I've faced as an independent porn producer. My products - and myself - defy being pigeonholed, and do not fit neatly into any established "niche". It's a constant challenge. At first no one knew where to categorize me because they had never seen anyone like me before... now that they all know my name they STILL don't know!

Buckback Mountain is SPECIAL. I did not want this particular title to languish in a warehouse somewhere because the salespeople didn't know how to promote me to stores. Check out the previews HERE and you'll see what I mean.

So I have now signed a deal with a large gay distributor that I've spoken with extensively... and I'm pretty sure they have a handle on how to get my movie out there. As always you can still purchase your copies of all of my movies directly from me, but hopefully now more folks looking for my hot porn can find it or will see it and take a chance... everything I make goes back into my movies, so the more I sell the better!

Look out for Buckback Mountain to be released later this month!




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