Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Fan Mail for Members!

Buck Angel

You have no idea how many people send me email. Sometimes it's just about sending some love, sometimes they ask me specific questions, sometimes they cannot control themselves and feel they must tell me how awful, evil, or ugly I am. Earlier in my career I used to receive much more hate mail than fan mail, and some of it used to upset me.

But now that I'm out there and famous, the hate mail has slowed to a trickle. It's been a complete change, now it's rare and unusual when I open an email from someone who took the time to tell me how much they hate me! I get email from all over the world and in so many languages, sometimes with photos or artwork attached. It feels really good to be able to communicate with my fans and others interested in what Buck Angel is all about.

So I've just put up a bunch of recent ones for members of, my personal site. Join today and you'll have access to thousands of unique photos of me with guys, girls, trannys, and solo! I also have lots of videos, interviews, and other stuff waiting for you...



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