Sunday, March 05, 2006

I love a good hate mail!

So this morning I wake up to this email from a "transman" telling me off. Telling me what I am doing is wrong. That I am just a prostitute. Like being a prostitute is bad. Prostitutes ROCK! We need more of them. We just need to let them know it's ok to be a prostitute. That you are doing a great service to mankind and that people are such fucking hypocrites. Anyway before I start getting to out of control on my soap box here is the email:
"Hey Buck..........As a fellow transman myself, i must say, you are giving transexuals all over the world a bad reputation. What you do with your body to make money, is not what most transexuals do. Your just making money like a typical prostitute. I was very repulsed by what i saw. Have you no shame? I hope that one day, you decide to do something more honorable. Until then, i will keep explaining to people who see you, thats not what transmen do."

OK now here is my response to the "transman"
"First its my body! Second that is your opinion! Third this is why I do my work because lots of "transman" are NOT like you and we love our bodiies and sex! I am doing more good than you could ever imagine. One day you will see ! To bad you do not see that now.
Until then have a nice life living in that same closet you have always lived in!"

Like I said this "transman" is entitled to his opinion BUT do not spew your crap on me just because you think I should live like you! Man it makes me so pissed off when people expect us all to be the same. They act like sex is so bad! Man if this is what being a "transman" is all about I am glad I am just a man with a pussy!!

Anyway I really wanted to share this with you all so you can see what type of "transman" I have to deal with!

Hope you all have a great a sex filled day! I am going to have my pussy fucked and licked!!



Serra said...

Good for you! Kick 'im again!

rae121452 said...

the tranny nation SHOULD be giving you an award for being the best thing that ever happened to them. if i, as a gay man who's never really had a taste for pussy, would be willing to do just about anything to get a chance to hit must have it going on. fuck'em if they can't take a joke as bette midler used to say. you're the hottest tran i've ever seen and the best thing to hit porn ever. tell them all to kiss your ass.

Skian said...

You rock. I'm a 48-year old guy who just started transition, and a porn writer, and lifelong leatherqueer, and I need you doing your thing. Sex is life. Why bother otherwise?

Sev said...

Thanks for bringing transmen into the mainstream and showing off your sexuality. I get to spend more time enjoying myself with clients and less time repeating myself because you appeared and suddenly people know what we (as FTMs) are... and that FTMs are hot.