Monday, February 27, 2006

Bucks Ring!

So last night I finally decided to get my septum pierced. That was a trip. Of course I had it done by the best! Elayne It hurt like a just kidding! It was fast. My eyes watered by that was it. I like it because I can also stick it up my nose and no one even knows it's there. It's Mardi Gras here now in NOLA and its really great to see all the people here. It's not like it is usually but at least people are here. I am having a party tomorrow. Getting ready for Los Angeles. I am a bit overwhelmed. March is a big travel month for me.

I also feel really happy because things are picking up for me and people are finally interested in my work. I am casting an all FTM movie now so that is taking some time as well. Finding the right talent and locations.


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Jade said...

well, Mr. Bad Daddy you have an already great look. And you've turned it up to an even hotter degree.