Friday, February 10, 2006

Buck on Howard Stern Show

What can I say except that being on the Howard Stern Show has just sky rocketed my career like crazy! What a fucking trip that was. I blew Howards mind. He just didn't know what to say to me except that I was a woman because I had a vagina. Like it was suppose to hurt my feelings. I just kept telling him that he will get it one day I promise. I just had them all freaked out they couldn't even wreck me, even though they tried.
So then they asked me to see my vagina, Like I was going to say no! So I pulled my pants down and out popped the big man pussy! They almost shit their pants it was great. All the "oohh awww fuck what is that" shit coming out of their mouths. I just stood there proud as could be with my big ol pussy hanging out!
Then they just had to ask me to ride the sybian machine. That's the one Jeanna Jamison rode. Hell I wasn't about to turn that down! So off I went! My pants came off then I asked Howard if it's cool if I wear my boots. He was like "Sure put them on" So off I went riding that thing like a real cowboy! The guys were so sickened they couldn't deal. They had Gary turn that thing full blast so I squirted and that was it they all lost it!
I was over it because these guys were not turning me on so I decided to get off. After that Howard and the guys were so freaked my part of the show was over..BUT the best part of the whole thing is that after leaving Howard stated that "I was the most memerable guest he has ever had on his show" WOOHOO that is so awesome!!
I am a bit tired after that week in NYC so I have to catch up on my sleep now.Those Black Party guys are awesome!!


mermaidgrrrl said...

Love ya tatts babe!

rae121452 said...

bucky, babe, i think i'm in love!