Saturday, March 11, 2006

My Space drama!

So I had someone email me to tell me that it was great to finally see me on My Space. I was like I am not on there I have no time to do that! So they assured me that I have a profile and sent me to that link. No shit there I was BUCK ANGEL! it freaked me out. Someone was pretending to be me. I contacted the person and told them I was reporting them for impersonating me and stealing my pics. They wrote back saying they were the real Buck Angel and they were reporting me!
Damn that was it! I was pissed so I had to go through this whole thing of sending a photo of me showing I was the real Buck. Then the stalker sent me an apology saying they are sorry they are a big fan..blah blah blah! Fucking weirdo!!
So to make a long story short I finally had my space send me the profile! So here is the link to it if you want to join

I am in Los Angeles now shooting my new movie. It has been a pretty stressful trip. As I am having problems with the company Robert Hill Releasing! I will bring you up to speed on that as soon as I have more time. Shooting all weekend then fly back home Monday then fly out to NYC on Friday for 10 days. Then The Black Party!


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