Saturday, January 21, 2006

Buck on a Navy Ship!

I am sure that many of you know that I did a spread in Bizarre magazine last year. From time to time they will send me fan letters and sometimes hate mail to respond to. This is one of the latest ones that I have received.

I love that Bizarre gives me the chance to resopond to these. They are very supportive to me and I have become great freinds with all of them there. I just sent them my DVD that I am in with Allanah Starr" Allanah's Big Boob Adventures". They will be doing a big spread on that soon.

Ok here is the letter and then following is my response.

Dear Bizarre,
Firstly, congrats on being the only mag with the bollocks to show people
what they really want to see.
Secondly, just thought you might like to hear about the arguments and
controversy sparked off by Buck Angel.
I am currently serving on a warship in the Royal Navy. I buy Bizarre every
month to amuse me on my train journeys to and from my home address, and
this month (Jan) I bought a copy back to work with me to let the other
lads in the Mess deck see what sort of stuff you print. The calendar was
hung up in the Mess and one lad flicked through the pages. He stopped at
Buck and refused to believe that she/he was in fact, technically a woman.
This then sparked off a debate that has been roaring for days now and has
divided what was once a well oiled team, into two rival factions, of
almost civil war proportions!
Do you remember the “lady” Miriam from the TV show who convinced twelve
guys (one of which a Royal Marine, that lot are even gayer than sailors!)
that “he” was actually a “she”? Well, if you do the question is simple;

Would you rather fuck Miriam or Buck?

I know we are possibly not the best group of people to ask, given the
reputation of sailors, but I can assure you that most of us “claim” to be
I am strictly in the “Buck Camp”. My argument is that although having a
better moustache and more tattoos than me, regardless of the fact she
could crush a man with her bare hands, she is still in possession of a
vagina. That is good enough for me. Miriam however, no matter how neatly
she tucks her sack back, has a hairy little cock and balls. Just because a
guy puts make up on and has a girls hair cut cannot disguise the fact that
he is a man.
Surprisingly, I think, most of my ship mates are in “Team Miriam”. This is
making me question their tendencies, as after all she is a man.
I know this is a very grey area of sexuality, and I think we have opened a
can of worms that can never be fully closed, but what we really want is
some expert advice. More evidence to back either argument, the thoughts of
other readers, and maybe, Buck or Miriam’s point of view on the argument.
We stand at the moment a ship divided, help us please before things turn
to violence and our very infrastructure collapses!
Yours, XXXX.

Thanks for writing! I'm glad to hear that my work is getting attention and making people think!

Your Miriam vs. Buck Angel concept is very interesting and brought up some thoughts to add to your debate:

I can imagine that if your idea is to simply close your eyes and dip the wick into a hole then the hot, warm pussy of Buck Angel makes some sense if pussy is your hole of choice. Miriam might not appeal as much (unless the arse is your preference, which is a legitimate preference of straight men everywhere, of course). However, what if the act were to be a blow job? Surely most straight men would prefer to look down at the lovely face of Miriam bobbing on the end of their knob to my manly mustachioed mouth!

So my question would be--are you having sex with a HOLE or sex with a PERSON? This ought to make some difference in the perspective. In my movies when I am in having sex with a man (whether I'm sucking his cock, or he's pounding my hole) it clearly looks like man-on-man action--GAY, if you will. These movies are classified as "gay" and they are widely viewed by gay men. It turns a lot of them (but not all of them) on. This really doesn't look like straight sex. It may also be of interest for you to know that the entire audience of Shemale porn is STRAIGHT men. Really! Gay men have no interest in the prettiness and femininiy of chicks with dicks!

Then comes the question of what makes a man? Let's address a few scenarios:

What if you had an accident and lost the two veg, but luckily kept the meat? Are you still a man?
How about you lost the twig but kept the two berries? Are you still a man?
Try this one: what if you lost the whole wedding tackle? Now are you still a man?
My contention is YES. Hopefully you are man enough, secure enough in your masculinity and your selfhood that the destruction of some or all of your bits doesn't eradicate your entire PERSON (you sex life perhaps, but not your IDENTITY).

I, for one, am man enough to not only NOT have a cock, but to experience and enjoy having my manly pussy fucked!

I don't believe it is as simple as "if it has a pussy it's a chick" or, "if it doesn't have a cock, it isn't a man." While it may be your personal contention that what's between your legs is the only thing that determines your gender, myself and others obviously don't feel the same way.

All that said, my feeling is "if it feels good do it!" and that it doesn't matter what the labels are, or what other people think. At the end of it all what matters is if you've enjoyed your life.

I'd love to do a gang bang scene on the ship with any of the willing lads. Thanks for the warm thought that sent me off to sleep last night.

Buck Angel

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