Sunday, January 15, 2006

AVN show 2006 Vegas

Back from the show in Vegas! Wow just like I said it was going to be an amazing trip for me and it was. People were actually calling out my name! It is so awesome to finally be getting some recognition for my work.
I signed at the Robert Hill booth and the Titan booth both saturday and sunday and got lots of people interviewing me. Many people just really thrilled with my videos.

Saturday night was the award show but I decided not to go. I hate award shows they always take forever and I was so damn tired from signing all day. My movie "Buck's Beaver" didn't win but I am still so happy I got a nomination. Hopefully next year I will get another nomination.

I finally got to meet Eon McKai. Very cool dude! I really love his work. I was also interviewed by the famous Robin Byrd show! That was really cool and she invited me to be on her show in NYC when I get there. I am hoping to get on the Howard Stern show. Cross your fingers. I know Howard will love me.

Check out my site for pics from the show. here is the link

Well I am now finishing up shooting my next film. I will be shooting in Houston. Los Angeles and NYC.


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