Saturday, November 19, 2005

Holyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiit.

This week has just been so busy and stressful for me. I had to take a break. Went to a nice B&B in St. Francisville with my slave. We had an awesome time. I was fucking her with my big black dick when the caretaker walked up to the window and peeked in to see if we were there so she could clean. Damn the look on her face was priceless. Later I saw her washing her eyes out with soap!

When I got back from the trip I was checking email and I was overwhelmed with all this awesome fanmail from an article that Dan Savage had done and mentioned me with a link to my fansite WOW that rocked. I got so much amazing email it made my day. Not one person wrote and told me what a freak I am. I will be posting the mail on the fansite soon. But here is a taste of one of them

"Hi Buck,

I'm a Savage Love fan, and you're probably about to get a bunch of emails and such from people like me because Dan mentioned you in this week's column. First, I just wanted to say right on. I love it that you're out there doing your thing (so to speak). Until now I've only been aware of the "Chicks with Dicks" side of Tranny porn and although I'm a straight identified bio man I must say you're pretty hot. I know sexuality is a spectrum, not some dumb ass rigid this or that, but I'm not quite sure how to work out my reaction, manliness has never been what I would call one of my turn-ons. I love it that you've got me confused and have fucked with my comfortable expectations and identifiers. Thank you. That being said, keep it up, and it's the stuff the you do outside the porn that will really challenge people's limited notions of identity.


It is so cool when people take the time to send me this kind of email. I love it! Here is the link to Dan Savage column,savage,70026,24.html

I am getting ready for the show in Vegas now. I am finishing my next movie for the show. I am a bit stressed as I do not want to miss the deadline. I will be signing at 2 booths this year. Man things are really changing for me. If your at the show please come see me.


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Buck Angel said...

I had to delete the comments because they were from the how the hell did they get on my site?
Oh ya a priest got busted here last week for having sex in a truck stop bathroom with a truck driver.
Now at least I am open about what I do and who i am. I do not hide behind the 'robe"!!!
Now leave me the fuck alone.