Monday, November 16, 2009

Friendly letter from Russia

Greetings from Russia

Dear Buck Angel!

With greater interest I have looked your remarkable sites. You well done! You have made yourself in the best kind. I can envy only.
Let’s give we shall get acquainted, and may be we’ll become friends or partners?
My name is Yuri. I’m a transgender man (bisexual man which dreams to look so as you). I’m married. My wife - Valentine - all knows and understands.
I live in the Volga region (Russia) - in the country where criminal dictatorship corrects. Therefore, that is connected with sexual desires and aspirations, here it is very difficult to realize much. Before I not bad cooperated with «Boy’s own» of Stephen Whittle (UK), with «Touchstone» (Bristol, UK), with «Transformation» magazine (USA), etc. But, unfortunately, I have connections with many persons: 4 years I was in constant travels on the country.
Certainly, if in Russia there was other conditions and other authority, you could be here, as «the first guy». I would assist to generate here for you good image. It is the quite good market. I hope, that times will change soon.
Now about myself a little.
I am a professional journalist (the former military journalist), the writer, the poet-satirist, a scripwriter, the actor of a colloquial genre, the expert on advertising and carrying out of show-programs; and also - the cartoonist and the schedule.
I attach some my author’s charge, graphic works and cartoons (as example) to the letter.
I search for good friends and producers in other countries with which it is possible to do great affairs.
Whether there can be I useful to you and your command? As the cartoonist and the schedule, I can draw series of pictures, which will decorate your sites, offices, a background in video films. As a scripwriter, I can write some scripts of films, with use of my, foreign sight at things which can become popular. It (for example), «Buck Angel in a bath», «Adventures in army», «the Trance magic in prison». Something can be taken from my monography «History of eunuchs», etc.
Please, answer, if I am more interesting to you. There can be I can be useful partners for someone from your partners and friends?
Once again I wish to tell, that you the good fellow, the fine guy!
I wish you all the best.
I’m looking forward to your reply.
The best regards to all your friends and company.

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