Thursday, October 08, 2009

Days in Amsterdam

Hi Buck

my name is Marco, I live in Amsterdam and work for an escort agency.

I saw Buck tonight on tv interviewed in a talk show called Jensen! I didn't know Buck existed, I must admit it, but like many others, I was fascinated from the beginning.

No metaphysical explanation, I would just like to meet him, look into his eyes and french kiss him. Maybe take a picture with him. I didn't make it to Wasteland as I was working. Did he perform there? It would have been a good way to see him and maybe get to talk to him.

Hereby I would like to ask you guys where you'll be at in Amsterdam these days. I live here and would just love to get to see you for a minute before you get back to the US.

Hope you'll have the time to let me know where you'll be performing or staying.

Thanks a lot and all the best in Amsterdam.

Big kiss

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