Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Hi Buck

I wish to applaud you for taking a decision and making it through. In that case, I raise my hat and envy you for doing and achieving what you sat out to do. You are remarkable.

I am very curious.

I am a male. I suppose I am hedonist, enjoying the life as I think it should be doing what pleases me and paying for it. I am married and have a grown up daughter. I have had and still have fair share of sexual activity inside and out of wedlock.

Orgasm has been quite a talk between me and my females. Yes, I have had quite a few big O's in my life, where I did remain cmpletely motionless for a few minutes .. not long but quite a few minutes ...2 or 3 and then came back to life.

What I am curios about is: how do you make love to a woman? More likely to know how does she make love to you?

I know that penetration and ejaculation is just a part of lovemaking or sex, but to me, it is unthinkable not to have ejaculation and have orgasm ...

After watching your initial show, my wife and I, discussed it. We are quite open about our feelings and sexual acts and aids that enhance the act. We have used artificial penises and vaginas of various tactility and have come to the conclusion that there is nothing a woman likes more than the actual penis of a man penetrating, in and out, and his body next to her. Likewise, it is also my opinion that there is nothing like penetrating my penis into the vagina of a woman. Yes, I have tried one of those very expensive latex dolls. Actually, they are vey good but only a very poor substitute of a real woman.

Please be kind and satisfy my curiosity.

Thank you.

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