Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bootlegger Caught Selling Your Movie

Hello Buck

First of all Congratulations on all of your success !!! You deserve it !!

I am a intersexed guy who learned of you through Nick's website. My husband and I were instant fans. We were immediately interested in your films and one day found what we thought was a "used copy" of Cirque Noir on E-BAY. We ordered the movie and found that it was a bootlegged copy. We then immediately contacted both E-BAY and Titan Films. When talking to Titan's law department we found out that they had knowledge of the guy who was bootlegging your movie as well as many(100 +) other films but had not been able to prosecute because buyers who complained to them had thrown away the packaging,returned the dvd for a nonexistant refund and could provide little info.
Luckily,we had saved all the packaging,dvd and info and provided it to them. Ebay has revoked the bootlegger's account and he is no longer able to sell on Ebay. Titan is currently filing a criminal case against this guy. You work way too hard to have your product stolen from you.

Just wanted to let you know that you have friends you've never met looking out for you. My husband and I are part of the Gay Leather community in Albuquerque and we believe in protecting our own. Considering the number of titles this guy has been bootlegging he'll be going away for quite a awhile.

Thank you Buck for taking the Transgendered community out of the freak show and giving us respectability on film and in the media. Please add our e-mail address to your mailing list.

Keep up the Terrific Work !!!

Woof !!!

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