Saturday, November 01, 2008

Playboy Radio and Ed Powers

Hey All,

Just returning after 10 days of a very hectic trip to Los Angeles. I was flown out there by the famous porn director Ed Powers to shoot for him. He is putting together a book with Justin Lubin( mainstream photographer) all about people in the sex industry. They picked like 10 people to be in in this book and I was one of them. WOW what an amazing experience. Ed is such a really cool guy and we have become life long friends. Justin the photographer is also pretty amazing. He was so cool and was so interested in who I was and just so cool about the whole thing. This book is going to be totally killer.

So they did an interview with me and also shot a sex scene with Wolf Hudson. He is very Hot and sexy and we shot a great scene. He made me cum pretty fast I had to hold off a couple times.

So after two days of shooting I was scheduled to be on the Playboy Radio show with Christy Canyon and Debbie Diamond. They were so amazing and totally fun. When I said I love real boobs on women they both pulled them out so fast I got slapped in the face!! I had tons of phone ins to talk to me about my work and the guys were all really cool who called in and really supportive of what I have done in the industry.When I left they told me I had more call ins than anyone else and that they usually only have guests on for 30 minutes but i was there for an hour. Totally crazy!

Most of the rest of the time in Los Angeles I drove like crazy That city is all about driving. I worked out every morning at Gold's Gym with my kid Rebekka Armstrong. She is awesome and taught me new stuff at the gym. Then I drove to EPOCH to meet with them about my websites and they are so cool there. They are so helpful and I really love doing business with them! I highly recommend them.

Then my last night there I met with one of my very old freinds E.G. Daily. She is pretty famous for voice over work and many cool movies. She is so awesome and just such a down to earth girl. We hung out at her house and I helped her upload videos to her YouTube.

Finally I am home and now I am getting ready to leave for London again. I am working with Torture Garden and performing at Erotica Ball. Then I just got contacted by Madrid to be on a TV show there as well. I am also in contact with France TV to do a show for them as well. All I can say is my hardwork is paying off and thanks to all my cool fans for helping me get there.

Keep checking back to see whats going on!


Buck Angel

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