Friday, November 28, 2008


London again! It's amazing how much I have traveled to London this year. I love the city and the people. They totally understand me and have totally appreciation for my work. The Erotica Show in London is basically a pretty straight venue so I was not sure how they would treat me. Most everyone there has never heard of me..or so I thought. The crazy thing was that Sexcetera (Playboy TV show) was aired the week before I came. So crazy! So many of the people had seen me on tv and recognized me. It actually made it much easier for them to deal with me I think because they had a chance to hear my whole life story.

The funny thing was that people still could not get their heads around what I was. Even though the show guide said Iw as a transsexual. most people thought I was a born a man and cut my cock off and added a pussy. You know like I had said a million times that is a total compliment. So after my shows I would walk around the show floor and hand out my cards and I also signed at Hotmovies booth and Strictly Broadband booth so I got good exposure.

I love doing the show with TG. All the performers were amazing. Check out this photo Gallery here of the show and all the performers.

Perfroming at Erotica

The crowd for the shows was pretty large and everytime I finished with pulling my shorts off and my cock falling off you could actually hear the crowd gasp! It was such a cool sound! I have some great film footage of this that I will be posting on the new members sections of

Showing the crowd!

During the time I was there I had a film crew from French TV documenting me for a tv show I will be on in France. It should be airing in Feb. so I will keep you posted. I will write more about that soon.

Showing off my

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