Friday, November 02, 2007

Cockring and Film Festivals

I am now in Amsterdam after my week in London performing at HARDON. The show was a hit. I love working there it has great energy. I have heard that I have a huge female fan base there. That my night is always the most packed with gay woman! That is so interesting to me and HOT! I had no idea I had such a big fan base of woman.

So tomorrow I perform 2 shows at the Cockring here in Amsterdam. One at 3:30am then the second at 6:30am. The Cockring is a male only bar. I am the first ever"pussy" to perform there. I love that they totally get that I am a man. Europeans are so cool like that. They don't have the same hang ups that US men have about their cocks. I am performing with Mukhtar. His cock is so huge. Here is the poster!

Buck Angel at Cockring

So just got word that my new film EVEN MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK will be screening with SCHWARZWALD: Rites XXVII at the Paris GBLT film festival. This is the email that I got from them

Hi Buck,

The screening will take place on Friday 16 November at 22h00.

It will be a “Special Buck Angel” with EVEN MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK and SCHWARZWALD as you know.

Ir will be in the last Paris Porn theatre. This cinema is quite small ( 85 seats) but it the last porno in Paris!

Wow this is so damn cool. I am bummed because I have already been booked for something else so I cannot make the screening. But this is so awesome that they make a big deal out of me.

Buckback Mountain will be screening at Trannyfest in San Francisco November 9 & 10. They will only be playing a 20 minute piece as the movie is long and the program is only 2 hours.

SCHWARZWALD: Rites XXVII is also screening at Santa Barbara Film Festival tonight!

Ok so looks like my films are really getting out there. I am so excited because it really shows that not just porn people are interested in my work. I am really making a mark on the world and it feels so powerful. I was at breakfast this morning in my hotel and met some really cool men from Spain. They said they saw me when I was on TV in Spain last March. They were so nice and really respected what I was doing they said it totally turned them on!

I am adding some cool new stuff to my members website so please check it out. It is also going under a new design job that will be done soon.

Ok need some rest I will let you know more in a couple days.



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