Sunday, November 11, 2007

Buck's Back

Finally home from my 3 week tour of Toronto,London and Amsterdam. Traveling is awesome and I get to meet so many cool people. I met Jennifer Lyon Bell from Blue Artichoke Films in Amsterdam. Really sweet girl. We went to lunch a couple time and hung out a bit. her films are very cool. Check them out if you have a chance. I hope she starts to stream then so I can put them on That site needs more cool films on it. I am working on really pumping it. I would love some feedback from anyone. I also had lunch( a late one as my show was at 6:30am) with Gert from Butt Magazine! He is so cool and they have always been so supportive of what I do..They Rock!

A fan took some cool pics of my show in London. Here are a couple of them but the rest will be put in my members section at

buck angel hardon london

After my show in London I was off to Amsterdam which I love. That city is so cool! Anyway the show was awesome and check on my YOUTUBE for a small clip from the show that I have posted. The rest of the show will be playing in my members section on

The guys from always take such great care of me when I am in europe so please make sure that you check out their website. There are loads of great photos and videos on there.

I am now off on a much needed relaxing cruise to Mexico! Haaa!! I know I live in Mexico but I am going to the Baja side of Mexico and looking forward to just relaxing and smoking my cigars!

I am also in talks with a manager in the USA right now. Looks like he is very interested and really sees the potential to make me a huge star! Will let you know more as it gets closer to closing the deal.



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