Saturday, September 08, 2007

Life in NYC

Here I am in NYC for a week. I have been performing at the BOX again. this is the third time I have been here and love working there. Everyone totally rocks. No one freaks out on the fact that i am the man with a pussy. Mostly all the guys are straight and have no problem working with me. Now that is totally unusual for me. Most straight guys just cannot deal at all. So it is really nice to be around such cool energy.

Of course my favorite part of working at the Box is Raven O and Acantha. They are just so fun to be around and make me feel very welcome. Raven is a fucking huge ass star and lets me use his dressing room. Here is a pic I took before the show one night of us three. Acantha is so foxy and such a great girl. This girl can sing! The show is so amazing and fun.

Raven O, Buck and Acantha

I have been working out at CRUNCH gym just down the street from my hotel room. But today I woke up feeling really wiped out so I am taking the day off. I always feel so damn guilty when I don't workout but I do know that rest is just as important as working out. But it is so hard sometimes to make my brain understand that. I woke up at 1pm today and went to my favorite little coffee shop. The lady who runs it is so great. her name is Jenny. I really love just sitting there and talking with her over my coffee and bagel.

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