Saturday, September 22, 2007

Work, Eat, Sleep, Pump and Travel

I've been home from New York for about 10 days or more. Started working out really hard for my next trip to Toronto October 20 for the Northbound Leather Show. Then I got sick! Damn it I hate getting sick. I guess my body really just needed some rest. I forget how hard travel is on the body. I have been out of the gym for 4 days now and going nuts. I really hate missing my workouts but also know when your body says rest you rest! So with the time home I have been working on my new website FTM Porn. I made a new logo for it and also added a bunch of new films and links. I really want to start filming movies with new guys when I travel. Check out the site!

Also check out the new T-shirts I have made for FTM Porn.I really like them and think they look pretty bad ass. I guess when I am sick I can get kinda creative.

Next I have been working on my paysite I have added a new payment processor and it rocks! They take orders from all over the world which is great now that I have really been traveling more and getting more fans in the EU. Please check the site out. I have been adding a bunch of media from my shows. You can't see them anywhere else but here. You can see a free clip here

I have just released a new film "EVEN MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK" exclusively on VOD with Check it out. It has some really hot scenes in it.

My next trip takes me to toronto starting October 20, Then to London and Amsterdam. I am meeting with some people to talk about some shows and other new projects. I am not going to spill the beans just yet but keep checking in for the news on this.

You know I am not one to really make a stink or bitch about shit but there has been a little something that has been pissing me off just a tad. I have really put myself out there in the media and really worked my ass off to get where I am at my own expensive. People think that I just got where I am by luck and that I don't do shit and just make tons of money off of exploiting myself and the FTM community. That is just a bunch of crap. You know( I am not naming names) there is this one company that started making some FTM porn and I am very excited to see this happen. Since they started they have never reached out to me. So I thought maybe they were just being shy so I emailed and damn wouldn't you know they started reading me about how they are all into the community and they do different porn then me and basically want nothing to do with me. WOW talk about being a bit thrown back. This is cool and I am telling you this because it again shows you how I have been telling you that the "FTM community" is very rude to me. I think it is bad business on their part but that is just my opinion. I have since seen more and more FTM's supporting my work and really coming around to wanting to be involved with my work. I am really excited about this as I reach out to really make this a genre. Ok enough bitching back to being the positive man I am!

I love my work and love my life. I am a very lucky man and will continue to bring you great films and expand my line with new and hot FTM guys! Please email me if you are interested and are in an area that I am in when I am traveling.

Thanks to you all for supporting me and hope to see you when I travel the world spreading my message!


Buck Angel

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