Saturday, April 08, 2006

New York and Buck

Well what a trip I had in NYC! Working at The Black Party was one of the most amazing experiences I have had since becoming a pornstar. I got to fuck in front of over 5000 hot gay men. It was a trip. I have been recovering for a couple weeks from the trip that is why I haven't posted. I have also been working on my new film"V for Vagina" which will be released this month. I am going to be releasing tons of new films with my new distribution company that I have signed with. I am no longer working with Robert Hill Releasing. We had some difference of opinions on how I should be marketed as well as some other business asspects that I do not think I should air in a public forum. Anyway things are going really great for my career now. This is a cover of a NY Mag! I am sure I will be getting back to NYC really soon. I am off to Houston to shoot and also get my Mexican visa as I am moving to Mexico next month. I am having my own private gym built there now.

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