Friday, December 09, 2005

This Rocks!

This is my favorite new bumper sticker!

Busy getting ready for the adult show in Vegas. Working out like crazy. I am thinking of putting this on a t-shirt to wear on the plane there.Piss some people off:)

New Orleans is just a fucking mess. We are not getting any fucking help from the goverment it sucks. Nobody really knows what is going on here in the rest of the US..

Check this article out when you have a chance it is really important.


1 comment:

Sabre said...

AWESOME bumper sticker. Hell, man, they should be handing those things out!!!
(and... which article should I be checking out? ^^;)

I'm so sorry about New Orleans... I hope they get that mess straightened out down there ASAP.
Have a good time with that show in Vegas!