Saturday, October 01, 2005


Man this has been a trying month...I am ready to go back home to my beautiful city New Orleans. I cannot tell you how hard it has been to stay away. I see all those people just suffering and have nothing left. I still have a home to go back to. I still have my family. It is just so fucked up. I need to get back now to start helping to rebuild that amazing city.

So we called American Airlines to see if we could get out ticket moved up so we can go home Monday. They totally waived the fee and got us on the flight Monday morning!! They have been so awesome. Waived the fee for Angelo( our chiwawa) too. Please support American Airlines if you have to fly!

This is my new tattoo I got in L.A. from Joey at Melrose Tattoo. It hurt like a MFer! But I love it!

Scared of what we will see when we drive into the Quarter. Kitty is very sad and cries lots. I feel like crying but this damn testosterone keeps me stone cold! So I have to go lift heavy to get some anger out about this whole thing. I am going to video our drive into the city. So I will be posting that on my site as soon as I get back. We should arrive home wednesday. We are flying back to Springfield MO. to pck up our French Bulldog (Mack) and our cat (jackson) then a 12 hour drive back to New Orleans.

Wish me luck!

New Orleans here I come!


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