Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sexual Revolution!!

One of my favorite things is to receive fan mail. This is one I just got that really made me realize what my work is doing to people. It made my day!

"I found out about you through Bizarre magazine and have never looked back ;)
Hope you had a great time in the UK and look forward to a possible return
visit!! I think you have unlocked an area of sexuality that is so intense
and interesting that you may have begun a new sexual revolution!

Put it this way, I'd love to get up close and personal anytime.


To say that I may have begun a new sexual revolution is so awesome and just makes what I am doing that much more important! This is from a gay man. So cool!

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her_nibs said...

"I found out about you through Bizarre magazine..."

Ditto, and now here I am trolling the web for more. The picture of you in the magazine (current issue) sort of licking your pit -- ? Unquestionably the sexiest image I've ever seen.

I'm not sure whether to say 'screw gender,' or 'congratulations on finding the paramount...'