Monday, July 18, 2005

FTM Drama!

So my porn work sometimes doesn't really hit it off very well with some of the members of the FTM( female to male transsexual) community. It's starting to really work my nerves. They act as if I am some sort of official spokesperson for the community. So here I go again. I AM NOT REPRESENTING THE FTM COMMUNITY. There, I said it again. Did you hear me?

Buck Angel's porn is about Buck Angel. Please stop with your bullshit about me having to be a representative of that community. I love my fellow transguys and support whatever they want or need to do with themselves. I expect the same in return! This is my body and my "Pussy" yes my "pussy, cunt, manhole, mangina, fuckhole" whatever. It's mine and I love it and I love sex and I want to show the whole world that guys like me are sexy and hot. If you can't deal, then don't watch. It's that simple. Go away!

I know I am a pioneer in the sex industry so I have to deal with stupid people, but man it gets really old after a while. I have been doing this for over two and a half years now. So guess what--I am here to stay.

One day you guys who are all over my ass will realize that I am doing some important work. It's just too bad you can't open your eyes now.

What started this rant was this FTM Drama
This is my good friend Nick's site and he is a supporter of my work and really awesome guy. Please read it and if you like send Nick a comment. Tell him I sent you.



montanacheeba said...
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montanacheeba said...

Right on. Dont let other peoples hang ups get on your nerves. The trans/ftm community is made of all different types of folks and peoples accusations that you're trying to be a "spokesman" is a bunch of b/s. In fact we need "spokespeople" from all aspects of the trans community any ways-even fuckin pornstars! I think what you have done is amazing. Your porn is HOT and transmen ARE HOT and it gives me relief to know I have more options that the plain old boring straight porn thank you. bai

Gusty Winds said...

Hi Doll,

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Gusty Winds
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