Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello from FTM UK

Hi Buck,
For a while now, I've been thinking about emailing you but I know how busy you are. But today I thought fuck it! Better off out my system and to share my story. Please don't worry, it's a good email :)
I have always admired you as a person. You do so much for people who are transgendered, who are gay/lesbian/bisexual and also for other charities and causes. A bit about myself. I'm 24, living in Brighton, UK. My dad is gay and I've known this since I was 12. Even though my parents are no longer together, they are still the best of friends and they are actually closer now then they were when they were still living together. My dad isn't open about his sexuality as his side of the family disagree with it and no one in his side of the family know. Yet now, he introduces his friends to my mum and my mum loves that! Myself and my sister have always been raised and told to accept people as their are, not what their are. And I still believe that. Especially now that I love in Brighton, which is known as UK's gay capital, I have met so many great and wonderful people and that's why I love Brighton (if you haven't been here, you definitely should in your next UK trip! You would love it and you will be greatly welcomed!).
My point in sharing my story and wanting to email you is to thank you personally for what you have done and continue to do. I have watched your films and some of them are quite naughty ;) I love all of your work - whether it's your films, photoshoots, media and press but also what you do for human rights and also animal rights. Not many people do that as a whole and you do such a great job of it.
Again, I hope you don't mind me emailing you as I know you're a busy man but like I said, I've always wanted to email you at some point and today is the day.
Thanks for everything you do darling.
Much love,

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