Saturday, August 21, 2010

Greetings from Great Britain

Hi Buck,

I'm sure you get plenty of emails telling you this - well, clearly - but I thought I'd throw in my appreciation-cents too.

I am a transsexual gay male. I'm really in the early stages of transitioning - I haven't had a session with a therapist of any sort yet, apart from a screening with a psychotherapist (I'm transitioning care of the National Health Service here in Britain). Nevertheless, I've been 'out' and living as male for the most part among most of my family and friends since November of 2008. I've always had a dream to be a male model, though I really doubt I'm good looking enough, and I love the photos I've seen of you. It's been inspirational.

When I decided to transition, I had one major concern: "bottom" surgery. My problem was that I didn't like the options available or the possibility of losing sensation for something that just wasn't for me. I respect other transmen who have metoidio/phalloplasty, it's their choice, but I always get frustrated when they (or non-trans people) assume I'm also planning to have one of these surgeries. I dunno how to say to them that I'm comfortable with my gear and using it with men; I started feeling like a bit of a madman. Then I came across you and other transmen who haven't had genital reconstruction, who were open and proud of their decision to forego it - for whatever reason - and I felt much more confident and comfortable about my own feelings.

So, thanks for being who you are, despite all the grief you must get from small-minded persons (trans and non-trans). You're a great man with a fuckin' fabulous body. I'll probably never get to meet you, so just thought I'd send this to say thank you. :)

- RH.

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