Monday, June 21, 2010

Greetings Buck from Winnipeg

Carlos here. Hope things are going really well for you. I
don't think I have yet congratulated you on your AVN Award so
Congratulations!!! I'm absolutely proud and thrilled for you.

Buck, I have a question for you Sir. My very masculine leather
Daddy (who is gay identified) is working through his issues of
me being a gay transman. Like you, I'm very comfortable with my
pussy as I see it as masculine and male as any other part of me.
To help him along, I told him to pick up your movie Cirque Noir
and he finally watched it 2 days ago. He was completely
overwhelmed with what he saw (he's never seen my pussy since
we've been involved) and blown away. Seeing you just added
another dimension to our relationship and I've encouraged him to
visit your site. I want to share what he wrote me:

"I watched CIRQUE NOIR. I found it and sat through the hole
thing. I'm feeling like I have missed something and not sure
what it is.

The over all film is great. Buck Angel. Lets just say that
problem no longer exists. I got very hard watching the last two
scenes with Buck Angel in them.

I'm so proud that you have someone like Buck to look up to.

Your Daddy feels very.... not sure right now. I'm stuck on

Anyhow, my question is whether it would be okay if he contacted
you to ask you a few questions. He asked me to contact you
about that. Where he is located (east shores of Canada), it's
very isolating with very few people to share his thoughts with
regarding us dudes who are proud of their pussies. The other
transguys he knows hates their body, which I understand, so they
are not very good examples. Plus since you're both leathermen,
he won't have to do a lot of explaining about our leather family

Let me know your thoughts. I appreciate you taking the time to
read my email. Have a good one.


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