Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gotta Say Wow!

Where does one start with an email like this!? Honestly I am somewhat in shock and don't quite know where i even found information about you on the internet at all! To start, about myself, I am a straight female who was lucky enough to be born with the body i would have chose for myself (as in female born female). I acctually don't exactly "frown" at the porn industry, except that I don't believe a person in a relationship should feel the need for it. Maybe i should say if I myself am in a happy and sexually fulfilling relationship I myself do not even like looking at other people and am not sexually stimulated by anyone but my partner, and believe i should be more than enough for my partner also.... and so don't like porn if i find my partner in a lie to me after they said they agree with the "no porn rule".

Ok maybe I'm rambling. Porn is for some not for all, and I can be conflicted by my feelings towards it. What my whole point in emailing you was that i acctually think its quite an amazing accomplishment you have made. I would never enjoy the work you're doing for myself, sexually it would turn me off honestly, but you are the first man with a vagina to be famous enough that even a straight woman who doesn't look at porn has found out about you! I think that even if some people see moral issues involved in this, you're only trying to bring enjoyment to people, and recognition that men CAN exist even if they lack a penis or were even born without one or in your case born with a vagina! The fact that you are also an american, maybe you can effect a change in that sometimes closeminded country in their views on who is male or female (such as how some states require removal of female sex organs which is in my opinion close to torture at this time for some persons who wish to be recognized as male.... at least until the technology is greatly improved).

Again just good job on what you're doing, and most especially in that you are making yourself happy. It might not mean alot from some random stranger, but maybe just the fact that i am a female born female, totally straight (even if i wanted to be lesbian to make things easier im very much not attracted to females), and raised in a not always open minded part of the world (Southern Ontario Canada), maybe this fact might be a nice little boost to your ego that people who chose completely different lifestyles than you can see the good in what you are doing. I hope it helps since i have seen how people who chose the same lifestyle as you may nay-say.

I'd love to get a reply from you if at all possible. If not im just hopeful you acctually read this and at least sends positive feelings.

Best of luck in all your future

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Bailey said...

What a terrific, supportive email! Awesome, Buck!