Sunday, October 04, 2009

Cirque Noir

Hi, Buck –

I rented Cirque Noir a while ago, and just bought the extended version, based primarily on your participation in it. I’d never seen or heard of you before this vid came out, but the idea of a “man with a pussy” – especially fuckin’ butch man – intrigued me.

And all I can say – as a 100%, Kinsey 6, gay man – after watching your scenes in both versions is WOW!

I have never ever ever wanted to have anything to do with pussy (being a big ol’ bottom may have something to do with that) but your performance in Cirque Noir really flipped my switch. Great body, butch as all fuck-out, and believe it or not, your cunt turns me on! I love its smoothness and that big clit. I really got off on watching Tober Brandt work your clit during the watersports sequence.

So let’s just say that you’ve turned this 100% gay guy into someone who would gladly go down and eat (and fuck) pussy – but only if that pussy was on a butch FTM man.

Congrats on giving me a huge hardon!


BTW – Your interview on the bonus disc was also very good. I assume that you’ve endured a helluva lot of these “What’s it like . . ?” sessions before, but even so you very much impressed me with your grace and your attitudes toward sex and gender.

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