Friday, September 11, 2009

G-Twist from Good Vibes

Today I received a new toy in the mail from to my home in Mexico. The post made me come and get it because the box was to big to stick in the slot.

It was funny picking up a dildo at the Mexico post office. they had opened the box to see what was inside because it came from the USA. I just said it was a vibrating machine for my bad back and they smiled saying “Si Senor”. Little did they know I was about to use it on my pussy!
Good Vibrations G-Twist Vibrator

So that night I took out my G-Twist and went to work. The cool thing is it comes with batteries. I love when a toy comes with batteries. Also I always put condoms on all my toys just because it keeps me in practice.

Squirting lube on my hand and rubbing it on the G-Twist I turn it on and slowly and rubbed it on my fat clit. I love the vibe of this machine it is good a steady. As I stroke my self with it I glide it inside my hole and start to fuck myself. I LOVE it. It pretty much takes me about 2 minutes to come.

The G-Twist has a very nice curse to the top and so it hits that spot perfectly. I highly recommend this toy. The other thing thats great is it’s easy to pack for on the go !

Check out the page for more info and how to get one of these in your hands!


Buck Angel

Good Vibrations

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