Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buck Back Mountain


what's up baby boy? man i just saw your movie and i think i had 3 orgasms from the film. that was the best movie in yourproduction ever. mainly because of the chemistry you had with Ennis. i dont know if that guy is latin or what but man he was a stud and he fucked u like a true man. his cock was hard the entire time, unlike some of the others who werent as hard. what is that guys name and how can i write to him? is he gay or bi? he sure didnt seem to be a stanger to eating and fuckin pussy!!i'd love an autographed photo of him. did u guys fuck before the movie and have u fucked since the movie? he was hot and man he ate your pussy so damn good. shit it made me want to get a pussy so i can get a cowboy like that to fuck me. LOL
anyway thanks for another hot show nad let me know about the cowboy you did the 2 scenes with.

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