Monday, August 03, 2009

Jessie From the Netherlands

Heey Buck,

Im Jessie(21) From the Netherlands,i saw you in the tv show from jensen,And the first thing i thought was maybe i can do that to,I really got respect for you because you made you're self in what you want to be.
Since child i always felt it too that i've got more boy than girl things on my mind.
i also work out a lot in the gym and really like sports.
I think we got a much in comen.
sorry for my bad-english,that's not my strongest side,but i hope you understand me well.
And i hope i can make the big stap that you made too,because over here i think most people wont accept it..
Nah if you like too write me back i really apriciate that because im a fan of you;):P

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