Sunday, August 30, 2009

Being in communciation

Buck, I didn't get a chance to really say Good Night to you on Saturday, however I am pretty clear that as we spoke on Saturday got, from me what a pleasure it was meeting you and what a privilege it was to have the opportunity to have such a wonderful conversation with you.

There is one thing I am clear of, that in the future.... you can I will continue our conversation again, I am not sure how, where or when...but I am clear of that.

There are so many other conversation I would love to engage with you have opened up some new areas for me to explore and consider and I am so grateful for that.

One of the greatest things I have distinguished about who I that my life is an on going opportunity for training.
What I mean by that is... to train myself in what it is to be extraordinary.
One of the ways I have discovered to have that be to surround myself with extraordinary people and have extraordinary conversations with those people.

The great thing about extraordinary people is that they are up to things that are not just are one of those people and I am compelled to know you!

What I have distinguished about extraordinary people is that we are ultimately here to make a difference in the world and although we do different things...our commitments are based in making that difference for others.

On Sunday I began to explore your websites a little more in depth...I am excited to explore this more...I am most excited to begin to explore your videos... I noticed also that in April you are scheduled to return to Toronto....and if that is indeed so, I would love to meet with you to continue our conversation.

My work often has me traveling in Europe and lately to London. In the future, I will make a point to keep a tab on where you are preforming and perhaps one day I will see you preform in the UK.

Once again thank you...for opening up your heart and being so authentic with me and creating a space for me and others to see just who we really are.

Buck until we speak again...

Be great!!!

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