Friday, August 21, 2009



I have deliberately avoided offering any hardcore porn for sale, and while I will eventually have a very few rude pictures in my gallery for advertising purposes, I will keep these solo, and to the minimum level needed so show the type of body on offer for those who may still be confused about the MtF/FtM thing. The sole reason I have avoided experimenting with the porn aspect of sex work is that I have no wish at all to infringe on your business. The difference between porn and "hands-on" sex work is a pretty big one, so I am surprised you feel I am competing with you in any way. I am very sorry to have caused any offense.

As a longtime sex worker, who had until recently had to mainly work "stealth" because of a lack of awareness/interest in FtMs, I feel a vast amount of gratitude to you for beginning to create a market for FtM sex workers. The publicity and awareness you have generated for yourself filters down to the rest of us. No good business will last forever without being copied, and yours is no exception, but it won't be me that's the next sucessful FtM porn star- thats not what I'm trying to do here at all!

I was deighted to find that was available. Of course I see the similarity with your own domain name, and of course I want to reach those people who are fans of your work and would like to try out some of the things they have seen in your films. I would not insult your intelligence by suggesting otherwise. I apologise if this has caused offence. As far as I am aware you do not offer any of the services that I do, and in my experience, sex and porn do not compete with each other- indeed they compliment each other so well that many people like to enjoy both at once! I had assumed that if you had wanted the UK version of this domain you would have registered it yourself- it was not expensive. If you now feel that it is important for you to have the domain I will give it to you- let me know..

In the mean time, will edit your link as requested.

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