Wednesday, August 12, 2009



You of course don't know me and you are getting this email as a result of your work as a porn star. I've loved all the small trailers you have done. I also listened to your interviews as many as I could find.

I'm impressed and you made me cry. Cry with that special kind of joy/grief, relief that comes with self acceptance and love.
You are the first sexual images of myself that I have ever had. I was starting to wonder if I will ever be with anyone again since I came out. I'm having a harder time crying at all since I started T in Nov. and I"m pre-op, but your work did it man.

I"m FTM, and I'm old. 47. It took me that long to figure it out with all the 'help' I got, besides the other issues that are part of figuring things out for me and where I came from. My dad drank too. Since he has died, I have had much better conversations and he comes in my dreams, I think helping me out in my transition. I grew up with him, riding motorcycles and taking them apart and back together again. It was cool to hear that your dad supports you and celebrates you!!

I've sent your interview with Ian Harvie to my girlfriend who has been going into struggles over my coming out.
We've been together for 13 years, raised my nephew who came to us at age 9 and is now 21 and grown up.
She isn't ready to see my 'clit' pics, since it has been growing.
I've been in Seattle for the last 2 1/2 years studying acupuncture, but this transition was part of the struggles I was having at the school, that led to me not making it. It was an intense program that I as a person I needed more support, but wasn't getting it.
They wanted me to be more professional. Whatever that meant. Basically, later, they tell me that I needed to shave my small beard, that is just a part of me, and I don't think about it. So, I was dealing with some discrimination there.
Well, that's why I'm here and my partner is still in Alaska. Where I want to be, if we can work out our transition .

It helps if I'm home for sure, but as it is, I'm in Seattle getting good support.

Anyway, the interview has been really helpful to her.

How it affected me seeing a model of someone who is proud of who they are!!! And Trans!!, was to really turn a curve that I couldn't see that was in the road.
I have been going to the group at Ingersoll, and I haven't heard any of this kind of pride that you have shared. This is all on top of my meeting a really cool mtf. She really is awesome, She has been doing spiritual work for the last 30 years and has been honored and respected by the Native people who she is in relationship with. Her name is Finicia and she is really beautiful.

I mention her becasue there are very few people who do honor trans people. But she honors herself, and that was beautiful to see.

I now can love my pussy, well, even more! I see that I can still be the man I am and be proud, not letting anyone f*k with me. I've known a long time that penis and clits are basically the same, but the clit is more spread out throughout the pelvic floor and vagina.
Like a grasshopper! So, I'm in total agreement with you. I don't want no-one messing with my clit! I hope that mine can grow of course:-)

I am so inspired by your work, and I'm in a hiatus in my work, that I am seriously considering the kind of work you are doing.
I see that this has been healing. I id as a healer, but of a deep natured kind. This culture needs a lot of healing,
I like sex too, I'm not too shy, I think I can do it. But, it will have to wait some time. I still need to go through the transition, grow some hair, work on my muscular, get official. It will come.

I'll order some of your films as soon as I can afford them, meanwhile, I'm spreading the word.

Thank you very much!. May you be well blessed in your friends and family,

"I am selfish, impatient, and a little unpredictable. I make mistakes, sometimes I am out of control, and at times a bit hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve my best." -adapted from a Marilyn Monroe quote

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