Friday, September 19, 2008

Marc Quinn London

So here I am in London again but this time I have the amazing luck to be working with Marc Quinn the famous British artist who has done some incredible art. How did I get to be doing this?? I am just a porn star!!

I got to London last week and basically took it easy for the couple days before I had to show up to the studio. It is a very long trip from Mexico I basically miss a whole day just on travel. Really tough on the body.

On Monday I showed up to the studio not knowing what to expect as I have never posed for a sculpture before. Marc was already there( Oh I had met him the day I flew in just to say hi) he is a very cool guy. Great energy and I felt totally comfortable from the start. So after discussing some details we were right into it.

There are a couple people he works with to help get everything together and sculpt the piece. Basically I stripped down and stood on a round board that they move inch by inch as the photographer snaps photos from every angle. I have to stay in the pose and yes of course I had my big fat cigar in my mouth!! It is not easy to stay in that position for a long time. My arms kept cramping up.

So after about 4 hours of doing this Marc had lunch with me. Also he had gone bird hunting the day before and had brought back some fresh bird for lunch. He skinned it in front of me and it was really cool seeing that because I have never done that before.

After lunch we were done for the day. I was to return the follow morning at 10 am.

The next day I show up at 10 am and we get started. This time they are casting my hand and feet in the position that the sculpture will be in. Those photos are in the gallery here on my space check them out. That was cool because they came out so real I could not believe it. I guess they always cast hands and feet because they are hard to make look real.

So now I will return on Monday to work with him again on another piece. I will let you know more about that soon. You can see the gallery on my FaceBook here

London is great as always. I meet with David from Torture Garden to do a performance here in November at the Erotica Show. So looks like I will be returning soon. But before that I will be off to Brazil as my films are showing at the MIX film festival there and I will be performing.

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Buck Angel

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