Sunday, July 01, 2007

So Much Going On...

Buck Angel

So I made it to London safe and sound. I crashed for like 2 days I am so tired from traveling, but now I feel refreshed. I went to the gym yesterday which always makes me feel good. I also had a meeting with a TV station to talk about doing some shows here. it went really well. I can always tell when people are into my work.

Wednesday I will be on a morning talk show here in London called This Morning with Fern Britton.

Yesterday I got an email from one of my favorite fans/slave. I have become close with him over the years and met him in NYC when I am there. He is very sweet. This is his email.

Hello Master Buck

i am so sorry we couldn’t connect while You were in New York. i know You were very busy and i was traveling for much of the time You were here. Please let me know the next time You come back here. It would be wonderful to get together if You have the time.

i really enjoyed Your recent blogs…detailing Your trips to SF and London. Also i was fascinated by the e-mail You quoted from the man who is traveling to Thailand for genital reassignment surgery. As You know, that is exactly what i want to do and i have still not given up on the idea. Your correspondent might be interested in two Yahoo groups which deal with that very subject:


You might want to pass on this information to him. There might be some useful information on those sites for him and i think other men would be interested in learning of his experiences in finding a surgeon willing to do the operation, etc.

As always, submissively

They just had a crazy bomb scare here in Central London where I am staying. I am going to run to the gym then come back and not leave from the house again. It is really weird. It also just started to rain..I am a bit freaked out it will rain tomorrow for Pride. That will totally suck.

OK more later on my adventures.



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