Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Look What I've Done!

Buck Angel

I get all kinds of cool emails. But lately I have been getting some that just blow my mind. This is one of those…

I am a 49 yr old genetic male who is going to Thailand for sex change surgery late August. Although I will have complete female anatomy, I will remain living as a man using hormone replacement therapy and whatever it will take to continue to maintain my male physique. More importantly, I have begun a diet and exercise regiment that will bulk my body and lean me out. I’m 5′6″, attractive, blue eyes, brown hair. I have been looking for someone that my body will look like. I found you on the internet and was thrilled to see another man who now has a vagina, albeit natural. I’m looking forward to my new anatomy and the uniqueness it will bring me. I’d like to talk about this with you and the many opportunities it will bring me.

AMAZING!! See I told you all that this is something that is real. I am a real man with a real pussy. There are many more variations of what I am out there like this person. My work is really helping to open doors for so many people to be who and what they have always wanted no matter what anyone thinks of us.

Go on people just be yourself and be happy! Fuck what anyone else thinks about you. It is your life and your body.



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