Wednesday, June 27, 2007

London Gay Pride and...

I am off from San Francisco today. I had a great trip here. My talk at the Queer Arts Festival went really well. I have been getting great positive feedback from it. Here is an email from someone who attended:

Hey handsome. . .

It was really great to have you take such a stand at the tranforming community forum. You’re “take responsibility” tagline, sense of humor, genuine presence, and outspoken shrugging off of the trans-advocate role made quite an impression. . .

I am a tomboy gal who developed into a butch fist fucking high femme (wow. that was a surprise!) who is consistently dismayed at the boys/bois/baby dykes (regardless of age) that think that being a man is about baggy pants and a snear toward all feminine. I think your words and confidence and comfort in your own skin may have shaken some of the cobwebs out of those stone butches and wanna be trans men. . . Much appreciated.

You may not consider yourself a trans advocate, but maybe you’ll accept “role model”, or “cool uncle”, or some such. . . .

if you’re ever looking for some feminine company in SF, I’d be happy to get to know you better, trade notes on the sex industry, or discuss why I am not in possession of any tatoos.


That was just one of many emails and people coming up to me on the street telling me how great it was!

Now off to London for Gay Pride. I will be riding in the parade with my buddies from FETISHLAD.COM they are building me a chariot that is pulled by 40 slaves. How amazing! Of course I will take pics to post.

I am also performing at HARDON so come see my show it will be amazing.

OK I will post more when I get to London.



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