Tuesday, May 15, 2007

London and more...

Buck Angel

From the minute I left Madrid I was doing photo shoots and interviews for all the magazines in London. Danny is great he booked the shit out of me. I did interviews for Forum, QX and Time Out. I can’t remember all the others my brain is so fried. I also did like 5 photoshoots with Ashley. What an amazing photographer. Wait till you see what I did.

I shot some stuff with this diva chick Minty. Really great girl we did some hot stuff. So that night we went to Circus a trendy club in London . That was fun. We are scoping out some places to have my Buck Angel performance party!

So my first performance was last Monday in Manchester at the Hollywood studio and Lounge. What a fucking trip that was. Not my crowd at all. Very vanilla gay with tons of fag hag chicks... totally weird. So I don’t think anyone really knew who I was. When I got on the stage all I saw was people just looking at me with big eyes. I did my strip and that just about made the whole club drop to their knees, They totally freaked... hahahhahaaa!! I loved it. I left them thinking what the fuck was that! They will never forget Buck Angel.

My second performance was at Area. That was more my crowd. I did the same show as in Madrid with Ashley Ryder the pornstar fister. OMG we had that place going it was awesome. I have a tape of the show which I will be posting in my members section soon.

I am still in Amsterdam, I finally leave tomorrow after getting really sick with a cold the other day I have been in bed for 2 days. Hate flying home sick it is a 10 hour flight.

Really looking forward to my return home. I loved my whole trip here it has been amazing. People are really cool. Last night I met up with my new friend Joke who works at Mr. B. She is an awesome butch who is so supportive of my work. She had her butch friends come to meet me at the bar. I wasn’t feeling great but went anyway and glad I did. Met some great people.

Ok I am off to Mr. B to do some photos then to a shop that has my videos in the window. I will post that pic soon.



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Buck Angel

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