Monday, April 30, 2007



Got in yesterday to Madrid from my long 10 hour flight. It was a new plane so they had the cool TV sets in the back of the seat so you can watch whatever movie you want. They always keeps me entertained enough to get through the flight. Plus I slept like 4 hours because I knew when I got off the plane they were going to wisk me up straight to the studio to do the interview for the show tonight.

After checking into my room they took me to lunch then the camera crew came over from the tv station to interview me at the hotel. They had to do it in English because my Spanish sucks. What they will do is dub my voice in Spanish because they said people will turn the channel if they can’t understand me. They do not speak English here. After the interview they shot a small rehearsal of me doing my strip show. That was a bit weird as I am not a stripper... But being the performer that I am I just did it, keeping my eye on the prize the whole time. They are all really nice people and very respectful of me. The guys who are managing me here in Madrid want to make me a big star here. They said the TV show will really hit is big with the Spanish people they love stuff like me.

But they said I really have to learn my Spanish. So I have decided when I return home to Mexico to start taking Spanish classes, I think that will be the best way for me to learn.

After the shoot I went to my room and crashed. I woke up at 3am. Damn I missed dinner here in the hotel. So I made sure I woke up to get breakfast. One of the things I love about traveling in Europe is that the hotels always have a great breakfast included. Very healthy. The world is so different outside the USA. I feel like people are much more civilized than in the US. Well I will let you all know how the show goes tonight. It is live and they have like 3 million viewers! Crazy!! I will hopefully have someone taking some photos for me to post.



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